Other Fees

  • Dye Test Application (PDF), (DOC)
  • Mercantile Application (PDF), (DOC)
  • Transient/Mercantile Application (PDF), (DOC)
  • Fireworks Permit (PDF), (DOC)
  • Home Occupation License Application (PDF), (DOC)

Completed forms are to be sent to Julieann Dotson, the Secretary/Treasurer. The forms can be sent as follows.

Transient Merchant License $25.00 per calendar month plus $10.00 per employee per month.
Mercantile License $100.00
Vehicle Display License $20.00 per vehicle per calendar month
Home Occupation License (requires conditional use approval) $25.00
Promotional Display License $35.00
Fireworks Permit $50.00
Dye Test $140.00
Municipal Lien Letter $25.00
Other Legal Correspondence $50.00
Township Map $5.00
Zoning Map $5.00


Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical Devices (Annual License fee)

Mechanical Devices $200.00
Juke Boxes $50.00
Distributors $300.00


Other Costs

The costs of reproduction, travel, subcontractors, and rentals shall be charged according to the cost to the township. Office copies – $.25/page

Disputes regarding bills shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures specified in Section 510(g) of PA Act 247, Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code

** All fees are subject to change per Township resolution. Final fees/costs must be certified at the Township office

Schedule of Fees

Subject to change

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