Road Occupancy & Inspection


Road Opening Permits

Any drilling, excavating or cutting of any Township streets, alleys or public areas shall be assessed as follows:

a. $50.00 for the first 50 feet in asphalt, concrete or brick pavement and $0.20 per foot thereafter;
b. $30.00 for the first 50 feet of any oil treated or untreated surface and $0.15 per foot thereafter.
c. Drilling any number of holes will be $25.00

  • Road Occupancy Application (PDF)

Completed forms are to be sent to Jackie Kotchman, the Secretary/Treasurer. The forms can be sent as follows.

Inspection $50.00
Excavation Application Fee $100.00
Access Roads For Subdivisions (Permit Fee) $100.00
Driveway Access Fee (Residential) $40.00
Driveway Access Fee (Commercial) $100.00
Road Opening Bonds $100.00

Schedule of Fees

Subject to change

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