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Real Estate, School and Per Capita Tax


Diane Smykal collects Real Estate and Per Capita taxes for
North Franklin Township and Trinity Area School District.


Tax Collector:                   Diane Smykal, Tax Collector


Contact Information:        345 Franklin Farms Road
                                          Washington, PA 15301       

                                          Phone: (724) 228-3471

Office Hours January-February: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday

Office Hours March-December: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

     Per Capita Tax:  School $10, Township $5

     Occupational Privilege Tax:  School $5, Township $5                                               

     Property Tax Millage:  Township .00125

                                           School .01521 (2023-24); .01621 (2024-25)

                                           County .00243

                      The 2023 Township Property Tax rate remains at the same reduced rate assessed in 2021.

Payments can be mailed to: Diane Smykal
                                             North Franklin Township
                                             345 Franklin Farms Rd.
                                             Washington, PA 15301.

Please include your phone number and enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return receipt.

In person payments can be made during the office hours listed above.  A drop box is located inside the main door of the Municipal Building where payments can be left outside of office hours.

Link to Washington County Tax Assessment Website for Tax Forms (Address Change, Homestead Act, Clean & Green, etc.)  

Earned Income Tax (Current and Delinquent)

and Local Service Tax

Collection Agent:  Keystone Collections Group
                              546 Wendel Road
                              Irwin, PA 15642

                              Phone: (724) 978-0300
                              Fax: (724) 978-0339

Keystone Collections Group provides a dedicated, toll-free phone line for taxpayer inquiries.



Earned Income Tax:  School 0.5%, Township 0.5%                                           

Local Services Tax:  $52.00

Current and Delinquent Mercantile Licensing Tax


Mercantile Tax Collector:  Laura Keisling
                                           550 Washington Road
                                           Washington, PA 15301
                                           Phone: (724) 225-7244


     Mercantile Retail – School .00075, Township .00075                                         

     Mercantile Wholesale – School .0005, Township .0005

Trinity School District (North Franklin Twp.)

Quarterly Mercantile Tax Return Form

County Real Estate Tax

Information on County Real Estate Tax is available here.


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