• Julieann Dotson, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Gary Sweat, Solicitor for Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission
  • Michael Cruny, Solicitor for Recreation and Business Improvement Authority Board
  • Goehring, Rutter & Boehm, Solicitor for Zoning Hearing Board
  • Municipal Consulting Services, LLC, Zoning Officer/Building Inspector

Board of Supervisors

  • Silvio Passalacqua, Chairman (R-2015)
  • Ron Junko, Vice-Chairman (R-2019)
  • Martha Ward, Supervisor (D-2017)

Planning Commission Board Members

  • Matt Keith, Chairman
  • Joe Karnes, Vice-Chairman
  • Joan Bruno
  • Ed Brownlee
  • Ron Junko
  • Jerry Contino
  • Trevor Mohney

Recreation and Business Improvement Authority Board Members

  • Leo Trich, Chairman
  • Henry Clemens, Vice Chairman
  • Martha Ward, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Frances Eates, Member
  • Terri Evans, Member

Board of Auditors

  • Helen Siedlak
  • Carrie Walker
  • Sheila Cowieson

Zoning Hearing Board Members

  • Jim Faiella, Chairman
  • Candy DeBerry
  • Todd Lanch

Vacancy Board Member

  • Roger Raymond Fischer