Many people do not realize that there are different types of roads located within the Township. Township Roads are owned by North Franklin Township and maintained by the North Franklin Township Road Department.

State Roads, even though located in the Township, are owned and maintained by PennDOT.  The Township is not permitted to patch, repair, repave, or plow state roads.

The map below shows both types of roads. The roads owned by North Franklin Township are indicated with a single black line and are labeled with a T followed by a 3-digit number (such as T532). Township Roads are also listed in the lower, left corner of the map.

State Roads are indicated by a double or triple line and are labeled with a 4-digit State Route Number (such as 0040).

File:Map of North Franklin Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania Highlighted.png - Wikimedia CommonsTownship Road Map


You can report an issue with a Township Road by notifying the Township Office using this link, or by calling: 724-228-3330, ext. 5.

Agency ImageIf you notice an issue with a State Road – Chestnut Street, Cove Road, Franklin Farms Road, Old National Pike, Park Avenue, Redstone Road, Scenic Drive, South Main Street and Interstate 70, including on/off ramps

Please report it to PennDOT by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD or by visiting: www.



Snow Parking

Please note that North Franklin has an Ordinance that prohibits parking on Township Roads during, and for 12-hours after, snowfall. Parking may resume sooner if the snow has stopped and the street has been completely cleared.

During snowfall events, it is difficult for the large plow trucks to navigate our narrow streets. Cars parked on the street can make it impossible for the plows to clear the road safely and without damage to vehicles or property. Even in the best circumstance, the cars on the road will slow the speed at which the road can be safely plowed. With only three plow trucks to plow the entire Township, delays result in a larger accumulation of snow between passes. Please help keep our streets safe for everyone by moving your vehicles off the road during snow events.


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