Completed forms are to be sent to Jackie Kotchman, the Secretary/Treasurer.

Forms may be submitted by regular mail, fax, or email:

  • North Franklin Township, 620 Franklin Farms Rd., Washington, PA 15301
  • Fax: (724) 228-2150
  • Email:

Occupancy Permit Information

                    Occupancy Permit Application

  • Residential Occupancy Permit Fee          $50.00
  • Fee for all other Occupancy Permits      $125.00

Grading Permit Information

Grading Permit Charge (in addition to application fee)

Number of Cubic Yards Fee
Up to 1,000 $150.00
1,001 to 10,000 $350.00
10,0001 to 20,000 $550.00
20,0001 to 30,000 $750.00
30,001 and up $950.00 + $100.00/1,000 cubic yards

Image result for juke box clipart freeElectrical/Electronic/Mechanical Devices

(Annual License fee)

Mechanical Devices $200.00
Juke Boxes $50.00
Distributors $300.00


Other License, Permit and Service Fees

There is no door-to-door solicitation permitted in North Franklin Township, with the exception of children (18 and under) selling fundraising items related to their school/sports/scouting activities.

Transient Merchant License Application Form $25.00 per calendar month plus $10.00 per employee per month.
Mercantile License Application Form $100.00
Vehicle Display License $20.00 per vehicle per calendar month
Home Occupation License Application Form      (may require conditional use approval) $25.00
Promotional Display License $35.00
Fireworks Permit Application Form $300.00 for the first date/event in the calendar year +
$50.00 for each additional date/event in the same calendar year
Dye Test Application Form $175.00 – dye tests are required for properties that                        utilize the public sewer system
Municipal Lien Letter $25.00
Other Legal Correspondence $50.00
Township Map $5.00
Zoning Map $5.00
Copy charge per page $.25


The costs of travel, subcontractors, and rentals shall be charged according to the cost to the township.

Disputes regarding bills shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures specified in Section 510(g) of PA Act 247, Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code

** All fees are subject to change per Township resolution. Final fees/costs must be certified at the Township office.

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