Zoning Map

Zoning Permit / Inspection Fee

  • Zoning Permit Application (PDF)
Residential $50.00
Commercial $125.00

Variance Appeal Fee

  • Zoning Board of Adjustment Application (PDF)
Residential $500.00 or actual cost incurred by the Township, whichever is greater
All Others $600.00 or actual cost incurred by the Township, whichever is greater

Conditional Use Fee

  • Conditional Use Application (PDF)
Application for Conditional Use Approval $300.00
Landowner Curative Amendment $500.00
Zoning Amendment $500.00


Registration of Nonconforming Use $50.00


* All fees shall be paid in advance. In addition to the $100.00 filing fee, the applicant shall be charged the stenographer’s appearance fee for the public hearing and for each separate continuation of the public hearing on the applicant’s appeal.

Note: The transcript fee will be charged to the applicant at the ongoing rate based on a per page fee. The transcript becomes the property of North Franklin Township. A copy will be available at the Township Municipal Building for the applicants review. All fees shall be paid in advance.

Occupancy Fee

  • Occupancy Application (PDF)
Residential Occupancy Permit $50.00
All Other Occupancy Permits $125.00


Grading Permits (Per Cubic Yard) – $50.00 Application Fee

  • Grading Permit Application (PDF)
Up to 1,000 $150.00
1,001 to 10,000 $350.00
10,001 to 20,000 $550.00
20,0001 to 30,000 $750.00
30,001 and up $950.00 + $100.00/1,000 cubic yards

Completed forms are to be sent to Jackie Kotchman, the Secretary/Treasurer. The forms can be sent as follows.

Schedule of Fees

Subject to change

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